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3/15/2014 – I now live in Naples, Florida!

6/15/2013 – I have relocated to Florida. I’m in Tampa and I think it’s a really great place. What shirts I have are in storage in Colorado. For now, it’s back to Information Technology work here in Tampa. I build a new life here. I’m very fortunate.

2005 – I was born in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Before I was a year old, my family moved to southern California. The weather was warm. The beach was 10 miles away. There were mountains. People had swimming pools in their back yards. I remember seeing Tiki stuff around the pools. California is an exciting, vibrant place. You can feel the energy. Talk about getting life off to a great start!

I now live in Minnesota again. It’s got a lot of great things going for it, but the weather isn’t one of them. Please, buy a shirt and help get me out of here!!! :)

Tiki Steve

Snorkeling Pictures from my 2007 trip to the big island of Hawaii.

More pictures from my 2007 trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. 

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